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Maclean's (In)famous rankings out again

Guest RAK2005

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Guest RAK2005

For those who are interested in the ever controversial Maclean Ranking Issue, here are the results for Medical/Doctoral for the whole country:



Ranking Last year

1 Toronto 1

2 Queen’s 3

*3 McGill 4

*3 Western 6

5 UBC 2

6 Montréal 7

7 Alberta 5

8 Sherbrooke 14

9 Ottawa 10

10 McMaster 8

11 Dalhousie 9

12 Saskatchewan 11

13 Laval 12*

14 Calgary 12*

15 Manitoba 15


Sorry 'bout the funny looking cut and paste, but first column is current year, second column is last year rank.


Later folks.

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Guest therealcrackers

Yes, but do they add in the effect of FSS? Is the fact the Laval floor hockey team had illegal fibreglass sticks the reason they are so close to the bottom? (Heck, the athletic facilities there SURE put #3a Western to shame...)

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Wonder what happens if you combine the Maclean's and Globe and Mail rankings (they're at www.universityreportcard.com/home.asp if you're interested) for the universities with med schools? (Maclean's and the Globe weighted equally; Laval not included 'cause the Globe didn't rank it.)


1 Queen's

2 Western

3 McGill

4 Sherbrooke

*5 Alberta

*5 UBC

*7 McMaster

*7 Toronto

9 Montréal

10 Dalhousie

*11 Manitoba

*11 Ottawa

*13 Calgary

*13 Saskatchewan


[insert usual comment about ranking being irrelevant here]

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