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Please Help.. Chances?

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Hello everyone,


I wanted to ask what my chances realistically were for getting into pharmacy.


I've already finished my first two years at UWO, but my GPA for both was around 3.5


In terms of percentile grades, I got around 80% for both first years.



I'm really scared that my chances are getting pretty slim now and I've just been super anxious for the past few days... I've read some of the posts here and people have a cGPA of like 3.9, which I don't think I'll be able to manage even with a good 3rd and 4th year due to my bad first two years.  What's your opinion on this situation?

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I have no idea what the actual cutoffs are, but I did speak with a rep from U ofT PharmD when they were at my school and she said that my cGPA (which at the time was <3.8) was most certainly high enough

Not sure where a 3.5 would fall, but just try emailing the schools your interested in if you're worried. People tend to post stats online only if they're  crazy high

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