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Guest Ibraheem

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Guest Ibraheem

Which University should I apply to? I live in NB, so give me some ideas on some good universities... that have good programs and have a good acceptance rate at a medical/dental school >D

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Guest UWOMED2005

Man, Ibraheem, that's not really the kind of question you should rely on some stranger posting on some anonymous message board to answer. For med school in Canada, it's WAY more about the person applying than what school they went to - so it doesn't matter where you go. Choose somewhere that fits you.


You have to figure out what you want in a school. Do you want to have access to a lot of medical research? Then the closest school is Dal. But I'm sure there's also bio research conducted at Mt. A and UNB. Do you want to be closer to home? Well, I can't remember where exactly in NB you're from, but going to UNB or Mt. A (or U Moncton or STU) won't hinder your chances of getting into med school. Do you want to go to a bigger school in a different part of Canada? Then there's tons of places. . . U of T, UBC, U of O, UWO, the list goes on. If you want to do a unique arts program at a tiny school affiliated with a big university with a med school, then consider the University of King's College in Halifax. . . you'll be doing a Dal degree with a twist. . .


But here's some questions I think you might want to think in terms of:


Smaller school vs. Bigger school

Close to home vs. Far away

University with med school vs. one without

Does the unique character of the school fit who you are?

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Guest EMHC

I agree with the other posters.


First off maybe you should ask yourself one question. Do I like the sciences or the arts?


Do what you like or interests you, not something that you think will impress the AdCom and hopefully they'll give you the interview.


Maybe you should seek your school counsellor and discuss this matter with him/her. They would be of much better help.


You may seem to be really interested in medicine, but maybe you should do one of those personality and career quizzes before making such a decision. You may find that computers may be the way after you've done one of those tests. But above all, you should really do some research on the medical profession. You may have parental pressure for choosing this career path but I can say this for sure though, telling giving the reason that you want to become a physician because your parents pressured you into it will not be impressive at all.



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Guest pasoo

Hi Ibraheem,


I completely agree with the other posters.......from your other posts, you seem like a very ambious high school student who really wants to medicine, but perhaps doesnt really know what its really takes to get in...


I dont mean to be mean - this board is excellent for asking questions...however there are some questions which can be easily found if one looks for it, and there are some which there is no correct answer...


Your question about giving you good ideas about universities? Well, everyone is unique (sorry for the terrible cliche) so people have different ideas as what a good university is.....so I dont think anyone on this board give you answer


Likewise for asking on the board "what are good programs"...also, as many people may agree, there is no data on a program and an acceptance rate to med/dent school....likewise, if there was, any correlation would most likely be a product of the individual applicant working hard, rather than the "reputation" of the program..


I know you may really want to do medicine, but why? Prestige, you want to "help" people, etc.?


And why are you trying to figure out the shortcuts to meds? ...There are NO shortcuts at all.....you can't weasel your way into meds!

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