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Guest confused555

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Guest confused555



I am a recent high school graduate who is going into 1st yr next year...and of course, planning to eventually get into med school. I thought that this would be a great place to ask some of my questions since you guys have all gone through the same path.


First of all, do you think that going into a life sciences program, where you are competing with students who are most likely aiming for med school, makes it more difficult to get good grades ( more competition ) as opposed to a general sciences program?


Also, do you have any "words of wisdom" on planning courses and electives? (ie. have a heavier load first year or second year?)




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Guest UofCMeds2005

LifeSci vs Gen Sci. Personally, I really think it is up to you. Each program has its benefits. For instance, LifeSci provides a great foundation for med school. On the other hand in say a bio degree you get to experience plant, animal, environmental classes - ie. you may want to study something else before med when you pretty much focus on humans. It really depends what you are looking for and what you are interested in. My best advice is to not choose a program based on getting into to med. Tons of people entering university science programs are med focused and many of them change their mind when they realize the millions of careers out there. So, try and keep your options open... Also, at uofc there really isn't a higher proportion of people from lifesci programs here. Infact, I would say the opp is true - most people are from the bio/physiol/kines/biochem etc. backgrounds...


Grades are a toughy. There will always be easier programs or classes - but I think it is very unique to the school and course. Besides, any biochem or chem major would argue that such programs are just as diff as lifesci to get high marks in...

So, again choosing a program based on how best to obtain high marks may not be the best option either.


Depending on the school you go to most first year programs are pretty general. That way you get to see what you like. You can always switch majors before second year to something that clicks...


As for electives - if you are interested in med I would not suggest taking super hard and heavy workload electives. Try taking things that you are interested in and allow you to spend time on your harder courses... Some people suggest taking diff courses like orgo in the summer - so they are not counted in your GPA for apps & frees up their schedual...


Also, think about joining some med related campus clubs or volunteering at the hosp - it will help you get a feel for med... Also, try to volunteer in lab the first summer or better yet get a paid lab job. Getting into med is a package deal - marks are only a small part of the battle.


If you study what you like/love - work hard - stay positive - you should be fine!

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Guest krnboy

I don't know about other universities, but for UofT Life Sci, you really don't have much choice for choosing courses in the first year. You get to choose one elective.

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Guest cheech10

Well, for many Life Sci programs at UofT you don't need to take physics, so you might have 2 electives. Also, you have the choice of the level of course you want to take (eg PHY110 vs PHY138, MAT135 vs MAT137, etc)

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Guest UofT Student

If you're thinking of UofT, the courses you'll probably take in first year are:


BIO150Y: Organisms in their Environment

CHM138H: Organic Chemistry I

CHM139H: General Chemistry

MAT135Y: Calculus I

PHY138Y: Physics for the Life Sciences


These are the basic life science courses. If you want to take more challenging chemistry, physics or math courses, you can choose from:


CHM151Y: Chemistry: The Molecular Science (General and Organic)

MAT137Y: Calculus! (note the exclamation mark in the name of the course :D )

MAT157Y: Analysis I (advanced proofs and such)

PHY140Y: Foundations of Physics


You'll probably have space for only one elective (perhaps two if you don't have to take one of the courses I listed above, such as physics). Keep in mind, though, that some programs require you to have certain credits in order to enrol in them. For example, the Human Biology specialist programs require one first-year course in Anthropology, Psychology or Sociology. Thus, in addition to the four life-science "core courses", you'd have to choose one of ANT100Y, PSY100Y or SOC101Y, if you wanted to apply to one of the specialist programs in Human Bio.


Other universities would probably have equivalent general first-year life science courses that they would require you to take. Check online and with your registrar's office for more info!


Hope this helps!


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