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How Is A Course Assessed As A Retake?


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I've got a couple of questions for you wise folk:


I will be pursuing a second undergraduate at Ryerson in Mathematics where I will have to take a course called "Calculus and Computational Methods I". However, I took Calculus I in my previous degree. I was just wondering whether or not the course will be considered a retake.

How does OMSAS register whether or not a course is taken as a retake? Is it up to the ad-comms at the medical schools I'm applying to to decide whether or not a course is considered a retake? Or would it be up to Ryerson?

Furthermore, could I make the case that the Calculus course I'm taking in my second undergraduate should not be considered a retake, considering that the university I'll be taking it at has a seperate course called Calculus I? The courses are obviously very similar but they're sufficiently different to be considered two seperate courses.


Sorry if this is a silly question, it's been vexing me for quite awhile now!

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