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PRINCETON REVIEW MCAT materials 2003 for sale! (NEW!)

Guest summerfuntimes

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Guest summerfuntimes

Hi everyone,


I have brand new Princeton Review MCAT materials for 2003 -- ALL the printed materials. Includes…


- Biological Sciences Review

- Physical Science Review

- Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review

- Science Review Q and S

- In-Class Compendium

- Verbal Workbook

- Science Workbook

- Practice Tests A-D

- Organic chemistry wheel

- Princeton Review knapsack


I'll let you make an offer for how much $ you want to spend on all this. I'm not going to use them, and I'm stuck with them. So hopefully someone will get to put them to good use to get good scores on the MCAT.


Email me at getmcatmaterials2003@hotmail.com


Good luck!

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Guest summerfuntimes

Hi -


$500 for EVERYTHING - it's a pretty sweet deal. The course itself is about $1 400, so you're getting most everything for cheaper.


Remember, all this stuff is *BRAND SPANKING NEW*. It is coming straight from the box it was mailed to me in. I cannot return them or get a refund.


Email me if you have any questions.

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