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University Of Waterloo - Pharmacy Applications 2017


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Okay. I don't understand. 



Why didn't I get an interview from Waterloo?? 

I thought I had everything!!!??


Can someone please shed some light on where I am going wrong please. 


I've completed my HBSc. with 3.8 GPA. I have a letter of recommendation from a pharmacist. I wrote down at least 10-12 good ECs and, IMO my essay answers were refined and on-point. I am just INCREDIBLY frustrated about why I didn't get an interview? What is going on? 


In fact, I applied last year too. Didn't get an interview. I was told that I should have an LOR from a pharmacist (I had one from a doctor). In that case, maybe that should be made more clear .. they should not state that its okay to have a nurse or  doctor write the LOR. 


To add to this sad story, I should mention that this was my third time applying to Uwaterloo. This first time I applied, I was invited to interview but I didn't end up doing so well in it (I accept that).


Can someone please answer me. thanks

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