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Hi everyone, 

Does anyone have any experience with the Queen's BSc life sciences distance learning program? Or their 4 year health sciences program? 

This will be my second degree so I'm not sure if this is the forum that I ask this in. But being that the distance learning programs from Queen's is newer, I haven't seen anyone talk about them yet... On any forum. 

I'm an Albertan, and I have the option of doing Athabasca or Queen's for their distance learning programs. Anybody with experience in either? Would love to hear what you guys think. 

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On 1/16/2018 at 1:19 PM, YoshCo said:

Hi Yc21!

I'm also an Albertan and currently taking the distance program online through Queen's. I'm actually almost finished, one more semester, and a summer course and that will be a BA in Psychology for me :) and my second Undergrad degree. Because I took a science undergrad, they would not allow me to take another BSc, otherwise I would have liked to take the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. It hasn't prevented me from taking a lot of my electives from that department though. When I first started, I was interested in taking some courses to help me prepare for the MCAT. The courses did help with that, but I am also improving my GPA a bit as well. I don't think I could do these courses if they were self-directed, like they are through Athabasca. They also say that the degrees through Queen's are regarded in the same way as in-person degrees. Really, they should be, it is the same content in the courses. I love that they are on the same schedule as in-person university courses. You will need to start thinking in Eastern Standard Time, as the deadlines are on Kingston time. There is some variability in the way the courses are structured, and how much effort Professor's and teaching staff put into them, but overall I am very happy with the courses that I've taken and the level of education. 

Anyway, if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

I private messaged you with some more specific questions. Really appreciate the reply! 

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