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I'm not exactly sure what the admissions committees at U of C  exactly look for, but here is some advice that you may find useful ( or not):

1. Write about experience that allowed you to significantly make a difference in your community. Long term commitments are desirable.

     - how this activity affected the people around you ( ex. you tutored /helped kids from low income families who would otherwise be unable to afford a tutor,...etc.)

2. Write about things that allow you to be unique candidate ( hobbies, passions/interests)

3. Speak about how you developed personally and professionally.

4. Write about how the activity affected you .

( ex. maybe the activity made you more knowledgable about social issues, tell the reviewer what you learned/developed from your activities ...etc.).

5. Why did you choose this particular activity? Is it related to a struggle/ adversity/ barrier that you faced? 

6. Check out Canmed competencies and incorporate canmeds into your response.

Best of luck!!



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