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OMSAS help pls?

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Hi everyone,

I  have a few questions about the ABs and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help :)

1. Who do I put as the verifier for scholarships?

2. If my verifier prefers email instead of phone number, is that okay? And where would I put the email?

3. For a uni prof as the verifier, so I put the address of the uni?

4. Am I allowed to use my sister as a verifier for a club we started? (we are the co-founders)


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1. Put "0" if it shows on your transcript. If it doesn't, you can use your school's registrar. 

2. You can put their email in Other under their contact info

3. Yes, if you look up your profs page on the university, it should have a mailing address 

4. Hm yes, but was your organization under a larger student union organization for example? That could also be a verifier, if applicable

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