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Hi there, I just started filling in my application with OMSAS. I have a few questions to be clarified. I might be repeating it from what previous applicants might have asked. 

1. I have a few ECs for which I may have to provide the same verifier. Is that ok?

2. What if my verifier don’t speak English? Yeah, I’m in a situation where one of my verifier for the long term volunteering I did, doesn’t speak English. 

3. And about formal education,should I include my high school education? Just because it is bilingual? 

4. Two of my references works in the same hospital. One is a doctor and the other is a patient care manager. Is that ok? 

5. Also I helped with a double blind study. Like administering the specific drug as per the randomized schedule and keeping record of it. This was for almost a year. Can I include that in my ABS? 

6. Can I include a course based project I did? 

Thank you

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1. Totally fine for OMSAS

2. Mention that in the Other section of their info, with what language they speak. Alternatively, is there someone else you can put down that's also associated with the volunteering?

3. I thought formal education was taken out this year. Anyways with the cut down entries, I would save the space for something else. I'm sure you can demonstrate that you speak French through another activity

4. It's no problem. Just enter their separate contact info

5. Yes you can describe your involvement with that, in Research if you got a publication out of it, or Extras/volunteering if not

6. Generally no, unless something came out of it which you continued after the course ended 

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