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What are my chances for med schools in and out of Canada?

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Hey guys, I'm currently a third year student who has had a wild ride in university. My first and second years were bad to the point where I was dropping courses and going to part-time from full-time as well as eventually ending up on Academic Suspension. I returned after 4 months missing one semester and killed the second semester (3.8 GPA). If I were to continue my success for the next 3 years (I plan on doing a 6th year) as well, do I still have a chance at applying to medical school here or anywhere else? Also, would I be able to be accepted to grad schools for masters? I understood that most schools do look at your last year or last two years for acceptance in terms of grad school and I was hoping my 5th year and 6th year would be sufficient for this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.I also have LWD's on my transcript as well as 2/3 Failed Courses. 

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Yes aim for schools that drop your worst year, look at last 2 years and best 2 years. Outside of Canada really varies and depends on where you want to go. Ideally the next best option is US MD. Those are competitive but if you have a strong MCAT you stand a better chance. US DO is a bit easier but you are still considered an IMG. Caribbean I would avoid. Australia has some good schools granting an MD and the cost of tuition is basically 250-300 at least. Ireland is good too and they do give their grads assistance with coming back (as much as they can I mean being an IMG is still hard and getting a residency is not guaranteed). But yeah you're fine if you work hard and really want to get into a medical school somewhere. Just don't expect Harvard or something. good luck

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