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I'm reading a whole bunch of ethical problems and I came across a few I'd like to discuss with anybody interested 

1. If someone is in a wheelchair and wants to join a school's team that's pretty competitive, what would you in the situation as the coach? Here are my thoughts.... 

- It seems like letting them join the team but not letting them play competitive is unethical; e.g. Would you let them join practice and not let them play competitively? 

- How are you supposed to show compassion to the kid without putting the whole team at risk of losing (some people may need to win for a scholarship) 

- Direct the kid to some disabled-teams league in the community? 

2. You run an orphanage and have had a hard time making ends meet. A car dealership offers you a new van worth $15,000 for free if you will falsely report to the government that the dealership donated a van worth $30,000. You really need the van and it will give you an opportunity to make the children happy. Do you agree to take the van? 

Or actually, I'll just link a bunch below and you can talk about whichever you want to. 


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