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Can someone explain the current "Ontario healthcare" problems?

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Hi all,

I've been reading online about Ontario healthcare problems involving a woman by the name of Kathleen Wynne. However, there seem to be a lot of contradicting articles that fail to lead me to any valid conclusions on what really is going on.

I am currently a second year medical student who has interests in Family Medicine. I have seen online of Ontario FM physicians complaining about cuts in earnings, etc. due to the government. Is this true? Or are Ontario FM physicians making the same amount of money they have made in recent years? Does anyone have any updated documents reflecting average salaries of physicians, and how they have been affected by government/law changes that I may not be aware of?

Has there been any noticeable laws/bills/changes in recent years that have changed the healthcare landscape in Ontario, or the earning potential of physicians? 

Any information on this would be very appreciated!

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