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I recently finished my third semester and I have an r score of 33.5 for my first two semesters. Although I truly tried my best, I feel like my last semester was not particularly different, maybe slightly better and so I believe it may only increase by a demical or so (or not even lol). Clearly, I am below last year's lowest scores for all the qc universities :(  ,but medicine has always been such an important aspiration of mine and I cannot just give up yet.

I am well aware that I will most likely have to do a bac, so the programs that I am interested in include physiotherapy and pharmacy. (not sure about the fourth program yet, which would be a backup, feel free to recommend me a few!) Where would I be able to have greater chances in reapplying to med? Should I do a full bac at McGill or can I potentially do a year or two at a french university and if so, which one is better, CRU/gpa-wise?

Please, share me your experiences!!


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although youll need a Bac pretty much everywhere, UdeS is still an option after one or two years.

The two programs you named are great choices, especially since you seem to be keen about them.

Physio is a lot of hadwork, but it pays off with the cote. Pharm is a good choice too, even better cote wise. But keep in mind it could be harder to have a good GPA at UdeM pharma vs UL pharma.

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Would McGill PT hinder in any way the application to french universities when converting from gpa to cru? (regarding equivalencies?) Or should we simply look at the fact that pt is challenging and theoretically gpa may not compensate for the difficulties as much as CRU would? (Correct me if im wrong :O )

McGill might be more beneficial for me in the sense that it's in English and I live close there ,but I am still more than happy to study in French at ULaval. I'll just have to work on my French a tiny bit more :P






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I don't think there should be any problems. At UL at least, a 4.0 at McGill is supposed to give you 4.33 at UL. 

PT is hard, but doable. Several people manage to get a 4.0 at McGill.

Considering the fact that youll need a bac at pretty much every university except for UdeS, it doesnt really mather that much where you take your undergrad.  Don't choose a French school if you think it could hurt your grades. 

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