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Not much to do other than keep your grades as high as possible and score a killer MCAT. ECs and LORs come afterwards in importance as those are relatively easier to improve over time whereas a poor GPA and MCAT can sink you.

For your ECs you don't need anything miraculous but rather just need to reflect the CANMEDs roles in your extracurricular experiences. Voluntourism, research, and hospital volunteering are not required so don't sweat those if they don't interest you.

Look at the IP admission stats for UBC for a better idea. At the Albertan med schools an A=A+ so you may actually have a 4.0 there if you have all A's and their conversion hasn't changed. See the uCalgary application manual for the conversion chart.

Look into the omsas conversion factor for the Ontario schools. 

I wouldn't transfer to a Canadian uni if you're doing well and have a good support network where you are. 

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