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Backup Plan for a Graduating 4th Year?

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I don't want to be negative or anything with Ontario interviews being sent out in the next couple of weeks, just wondering what the possible paths are for a 4th-year student who doesn't get into med school right away? I finish my 4th year in April, and I applied to 5 Ontario med schools with average stats and ECs, so there's definitely a chance I don't get any acceptances this cycle. What do people usually do after graduating while re-applying? I have a strong upward trend in my GPA, so with the weighting schemes it doesn't seem like a 5th year would help boost my GPA much. 

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Well I wouldn't say negative, but it's always good to have a backup plan for the following year, regardless of the number of cycles you've gone through already.

1) You could take a 5th year if you require prereqs for another field 

2) Grab a job - make a bit of money to pay a bit of your student loans and/or travel

3) Go to grad school - especially if higher academia is of interest to you.

4) If finding a job isn't what you want to do, you don't want to go to grad school, and you're fine with your current finances, you can go volunteer at not for profit organizations (if you volunteer for at least 30 hours/week at these organizations, with their permission, the government helps pay off more of your student loans on the year off)

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49 minutes ago, Rabeprazole said:

I've never heard of this before, could you please elaborate on this?

Not 100% sure for other provinces, but I noticed I wasn't clear/a bit misleading on my previous post. Ontario provides a "one year grace period" rather than the original 6 months for those who are doing 30 hours/week for not for profit organizations. Now, to clarify, Ontario will continue to pay off the interest accumulated for the provincial portion of your loan over 1 year span rather than the original 6 months grace period. It really is a good "last resort" plan to delay payments for a year - especially if you're planning to head back to school the following year.



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