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Pre Requisite Courses for Med School (physics, calc)


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Im still in the first year of my undergrad in health sciences. I was planning on not taking physics or calc courses because I could learn physics over the summers following my first year in preparation for the MCAT. Now im thinking about opening up my options, such as med schools in USA. But im not sure if they need physics and or calc, and also why would they need Calc if its not in the MCAT? In order to apply for med school in America, would I have to take 2 courses of physics and calc as well? And can i complete these in upper years since I haven't done it yet in my first year? what would be my options after 4th year if i hadn't taken calc/physics, and wanted to apply to american med schools at that point - would i be able to take those courses elsewhere? 

sorry if it sounds all over the place, confused undergrad:) anything helps

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