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Does anyone know how the CaRMS CV works?  For example, do you create your own Microsoft Word-like document or is there an online application where you simply fill in the blanks under specific categories (like Med school applications).


Also, are activities limited to things done while in med school or can you include things from before?


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The CaRMS CV is a very frustrating and redundant process, unless they have recently changed it. Most programs but not all want you to upload a custom CV. At the same time, CaRMS itself has a CV that you individually put in entries, with some sections very little control over the ordering. 

With the custom CV you can tailor your experiences to a specific specialty, but at the same time, the CaRMS CV cannot be tailored to specific programs, making it a complex process of how you can make it generic enough to appeal to every program you apply to.

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