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Help figuring out prerequisite courses?

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Hi everyone :) I’m so sorry if this is repetitive in any way! My plan this year is to worry about the MCAT and then apply to the small range of schools that I would be competitive at. However, in thinking about future application cycles, I’m looking for some guidance regarding prerequisite courses in order to become eligible to apply to Ottawa and UBC. I’m posting in this section of the forum because I am a non-traditional student. I’ve taken two semesters each of introductory biology and chemistry in university, both with labs. I’ve also taken one semester of anatomy (no lab), a full year of physiology (no lab), one semester of pathophysiology, research methods courses, two different statistics courses, and a semester of microbiology. 

My plan is to register for prerequisite courses such as organic chemistry (to be able to apply to Ottawa) and English (to be able to apply to UBC). I’m also considering potentially applying to American medical schools in the future, but there’s just so many medical schools there...I don’t even know where to start in terms of prerequisites. Is there anything that I should plan to add to my list of prerequisites? And would taking prerequisite courses through Athabasca be acceptable? 

I’m so sorry this post is so lengthy. Thank you for reading it, I appreciate it. 

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I’m a nurse as well and I’m not sure which province you’re from but I’ve gotten an interview at u of c two years in a row. I didn’t get in this year sadly so will definitely reapply next year. 

I don’t have any science pre reqs and I know three other nurses who don’t either and were accepted this year, last year and the year before (one at U of A and two at U of C!) 

So those schools may also be an option for you this coming year as neither of them have any pre reqs for med. If your OOP you just have to hit their MCAT minimums to apply. I also know they love when you talk about your work experience in your application! 

If you are looking at taking pre reqs I  took two courses in nursing (to boost my GPA) through Athabasca and both U of A and U of C accepted them. 

Hope this helps!

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