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Hi, I am posting here because I just really need some reassurance or reality or something. I applied to Western and UofT dentistry last year. I got interviews from both schools. I got rejected from Western after interviews and waitlisted at UofT. My gpa is a 3.94 and my DAT scores were 23AA 20PAT. I am super confused right now and don’t know what to do. My extracurriculars are not great. I did a work-study at a lab, volunteered at a community center and did my thesis project. No publications or anything exceptional. I guess my question is if I have a chance at getting into Canadian or American schools if I apply again this year or if I need to spend more time making my application better by applying to masters? Send help.

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I’ll tell you straight that your gpa and DAT score are on the higher end of applicants. You shouldn’t worry too much about meeting some crazy high expectations from the academic side. You are more than qualified for the numbers game. Do you really think doing a masters would benefit you? A lot of the time having masters gives you a boost towards your gpa (which you don’t need). 

What you should be really focused on is being able to self reflect on the experiences you’ve already had so that you can really ace these interviews. Applicants always try to get as many ECs as possible and have a super full CV but, when it comes to demonstrating their competencies, applicants fall through because they themselves can’t explain why their experiences were good and what they learned.

So take a look at your CV and ask yourself how you developed as a person because of your extracurriculars. For example, you worked in a lab? Great. Talk about how you were part of a team. Explain that even the smallest contributions can really help the overall objectives of the research group. Apply this kind of analysis to the remainder of the experiences you’ve have and you should develop a much fuller understanding of yourself. Use this for your interviews to come. 

I think you’ll have a very good shot at Canadian and US schools. Be confident in your abilities. 

Hope this helps! 

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