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Anyone have experience and advice for what types of reference letters to use for family medicine CARMS applications? Should all 3 be from family doctors? and are letters for fourth year electives better than letters from third year core rotations?

We just started our fourth year and right now and I know I can get a strong letter from a 3rd year fam med preceptor and another strong letter from a 4th year fam med preceptor I did an elective with. 

I'm on another fam med elective right now and my preceptor says I'm doing well and didn't give much feedback but he seems a bit distant and less personable than others I've worked with so I'd be hesitant to get one from him unless I have no other options. I don't have any more family med electives until right around CARMS applications time but I do have an emerg and peds elective which if I do well on can be potential LOR opportunities. Any advice on this situation?

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Use the people who can best advocate for you. Generally you can impress more in 4th year than 3rd, generally people will know you better over a core rather than an elective, generally family physicians can make a better case for you then specialists. But at the end of the day those are all generalities, if a 3rd year surgery elective preceptor connected with you it's going to be way more effective than a generic paragraph from a random family preceptor in 4th year.

It gets suspicious if none of your strongest letters are from family preceptors,  but I promise you when someone is reading 30 letters in a row the content matters infinitely more than when or where you met the writer

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I agree with Rorzo, go with the strongest letters you can get, at least 1 LOR should ideally come from a family physician. 

We prefer family physicians as specialists don't have a good idea of how our specialty is different from own.

As I had been in the selection committee, a generic short paragraph LOR from a family doctor is going to hurt you more than a great LOR from a surgeon for example. :)

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