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Hi everyone!

I am seriously considering switching careers in the future to pursue medicine however I am concerned about the impacts on my life outside of career. I am 26, in a committed relationship, and plan on getting married and starting a family in the next 3-6 years. My partner and I both have good jobs with respectable salaries and are hoping to purchase a home in very unaffordable Vancouver area (Bristish Columbia). 

I am looking for resources (threads, blogs, podcasts, websites, handbooks etc.) offering advice to women/men who are considering starting medical school when they are also starting a family. 

I am wondering whether it would be better to switch careers in 10 years after I have gone through the stresses of early motherhood and pregnancy or if there are reasons to do it sooner rather than later. I know that there are women who do start families while in medical school/residency and would appreciate perspective both in support and against. 


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