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McGill vs Western for medical school

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I am having a hard time choosing between McGill vs Western (Unspecified campus) for medical school, and wondering if anyone has some insight or advice for me given the following:

I am fully bilingual and I prefer Montreal best as a city, along with the convenience of having everything nearby. Also, McGill is more widely known internationally and will be several thousand dollars cheaper to attend. Although it is farther away from Toronto than London, I would probably use my time very productively on the train/bus ride when visiting home.

However,  I would like to settle in or near Toronto further down the line, and I'm not sure if going to an Ontario school has any significant advantage to that end. It would be nice to live closer to Toronto as well since my family and s/o live there (If I get London campus), although I am not sure if I will necessarily have time to visit Toronto much more often if I am in London vs Montreal. 

Also, I have thought about which might position me better for the more competitive specialties I'm interested in, like surgery, cardiology, and radiology. Although I can't be sure which area of medicine I would like to pursue at the moment, I'd like to have the best shot possible at more competitive specialties when the time comes.

Finally, I believe both programs are pass/fail and both have excellent pre-clerkship and clerkship, but I would be interested to hear if there are any major strengths or weaknesses that might stand out for each school that I may not have considered.

Overall, if anyone can offer advice for which school may be best suited for me, it would be much appreciated. And feel free to message me privately as well if you prefer. Thank you!

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