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Grad student/frontline worker chances of acceptance?

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A little about me:

1) Undergrad (kinesiology) wGPA 3.56 - Recipient of a leadership based scholarship
2) Did Masters in Occupational Therapy (course based 2 year program). Worked in a community setting for 1 year doing home visits. Almost 1 year at a hospital (acute medicine, ICU, cardiac care, etc) providing rehabilitation in an acute setting. I've been working during this pandemic in the frontlines full-time and recently went part-time to study for MCATs as well (schedule to write in early Sept)
3) 2 research publications + 2 research projects
4) Extensive leadership experiences including organizing national level conferences, as well as student leadership experiences.
5) Had a past student placement funded by NOSM in Thunder Bay for 2 months, and a student delegate for an international leadership experience with the dean of health sciences during my Masters.
6) I can get a good reference letter from the dean of health sciences, as well as my manager at the hospital, plus one of my past research supervisors

I submitted a med school app 2 years ago and did not get an interview.
I had a very low MCAT score. Any advice on my chances of getting in if I re-write the MCAT?

What would be my chances? Is it worth it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) 

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It never hurts to apply and you have a chance in the grad applicant stream, but with that GPA it would be quite challenging, as long as you meet cut offs it doesn’t seem like U of T considers mcat further. What’s your 2 year or best 2 gpa like you might have a batter chance at other schools. 

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Unfortunately I'd say your best bet is to retake some courses/second undergraduate degree if Med school in Canada is really your dream. You can apply to Mac/U of T still and be considered, though your facing a very steep uphill battle. You'd need 129CARS and top percentile casper for Mac and top notch references/essays etc for U of T to get an interview. 

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Yeah I'd consider doing more undergrad courses if you for sure want to do med school in Canada unless some of the schools will look at 4th year only or heavily weight your masters. wGPA needed for U of T is >3.9.

Your experience sounds amazing by the way! Unfortunately marks would have to be probably at least 3.8ish or 3.9 to get past the GPA cutoffs I think

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