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I am hoping for feedback on my MCAT Schedule and prep materials (trying to not spend too much money) Testing in August 


AAMC MCAT Official Prep Online-Only Bundle

Kaplan Books

Anki: Milesdown and JackSparrow

P/S: 300 page doc

**DELETED** CARS passages

Study schedule:

Jan-April: B/B and CARS while school is running and I am working part time

May-August: P/S, C/P and reviewing B/B and CARS occasionally so I don't forget

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That is plenty of time and materials. Personally I definitely don't think you need any more, and may even be doing too much (although that's up to you). I studied from May-August only and used only the Kaplan books and the 3 AAMC practice exams, and I scored well 

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