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I'm a little confused right now, I just finished my first year and was looking into doing a bio summer course, but my advisor told me that most med schools don't consider summer courses in the GPA calculation. I'm very... i guess foreign? to everything and was hoping for some guidance - would it really matter if I take a summer course? Which med-schools care? I read that mac counts summer courses and that toronto doesn't... 

Oh I should mention that I'm taking a minor in entrepreneurship (or, at least ,am on the track to declare this as my minor), should I just take a business course in the summer instead?

Thanks lol

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Most med schools would not use the summer course as part of the GPA calculation but the summer course can be used to satisfy any course requirements they may have. In my opinion, I'd take the "harder" courses in the summer and leave the easier ones for fall-winter so you can keep the GPA safe while also completing any med school course requirements 

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