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Calculating 2 year co-op GPA for dentistry/med?

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Ive been looking on the admissions website for UWO dentistry trying to figure out how they do GPA calculation for people with co-op but honestly i’m incredibly confused and would appreciate some help calculating it. Here’s my semester breakdown:

2016 Fall (3.18, 5 courses with 1 CR course)

2017 Winter (2.93, 5 courses with 1 CR course)

2017 Fall (3.80, 5 courses all 200 level)

2018 Winter (3.06, 5 courses all 200 level)

2018 Summer (Co-op) 2018 Fall (Co-op)

2019 Winter (3.94, 5 courses, 4x300 level 1x100 level elective)

2019 Summer (3.62, 5 courses,

2x300 level, 2x100 level psych, 1x100 level elective)

2019 Fall (3.33, 5 courses, 1x300 level, 1x400 level, 1x400 level thesis but no grad this semester, 2x100 level electives)

2020 Winter (3.90, 5 courses, 3x300 level, 1x400 level thesis which i got the grade this sem, 1x100 level elective)

I really appreciate any help guys, im just feeling really lost right now but thanks in advance!

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