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This is my second year applying. Was hoping we could get a group started prepping materials for casper and interviews, and any other general q&a about the application process. 

Can make a discord/whatsapp chat later maybe?


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cut offs were not too bad last year i believe. few people I know got in with 2nd quartile caspers, and 3.7 GPAs. my cutoffs were all met, i was just underprepared for the interview. i only prepped like a week because i was busy with school.

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Okay yeah that doesn't sound bad at all for cutoffs. If you make a discord or anything I would be down to join. I never did the interview for pharmd so I def will have questions closer to interviews, but I can definitely give tips on casper if needed. I wrote it already this cycle I should be getting my percentile score back soon. 

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