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3.6 GPa, 129 CARS, Decent ECs - What are my chances at U of C (IP)

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Hi everyone,

My adjusted GPa for Calgary is pretty low but I wanted to see what my chances are with my ECs. There is also the fact that I had never taken the full MCAT and only sat for the CARS section. Here are my stats:

  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 3.59 GPa (w/ upward trajectory)
  • CARS: 129
  • Work Experience:
    • Working for a large general contractor on healthcare construction. (3 years upon matriculation)
    • 2 summers of random internships in college
  • ECs:
    • 3rd author publication in surgical journal (1.5 years on research award)
    • Research poster presentation (never published)
    • Board member at non-profit, helping oversee a construction project. (4 months)
    • Volunteer pharmacy assistant (8 months)
    • Lab Assistant in a surgical lab (starting June)
    • Rec League Baseball

Studying for the entire MCAT is currently impossible since I have not done Biology since high school and learning it from scratch is not feasible atm. Therefore, Calgary is my only shot. I am also IP.

What are my chances?

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