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Bad Prereq Grades

Guest np2008

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Guest np2008

Does UBC have a special weighting system for pre-req courses? (I know I should check the website, but I'm too lazy right now)

The reason I ask is because I didn't do so well on my med school prereq courses in my first year. Actually, the only prerequisites I've done at University are Physics and Organic Chemistry. My grades for those courses have been A-, B+, B- and C+. My GPA as a whole instead too great at the moment because I sort of screwed up my first year. I've started improving though, and I should be able to get my cGPA up to a competitive level by the end of my program. I'm just concerned that as a result of my mediocre grades for Physics and Organic Chemistry, I'll be at a disadvantage.

Also, does anyone know whether they factor in transfer credits that make up for the prereqs? I did the IB in high school, so I got credit for first year Biology, General Chemistry and English.



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