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Tutoring Job available ASAP (Richmond area)

Guest Parii

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Hi there,


is there anyone interested in tutoring 2-3 Grade 10 (general sciences) students in Richmond area? The pay may be somewhere between $18-22/hr, depending on experience. Ideally, someone who has taught students in the past. You will be working in a tuturing Ctr 1-2 times a week for 2 hr each time. It is more of a temporarily job, but if you did a good job, you can get more hours again.


The job is available asap. So, please reply soon.


Take care, pari

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Guest kellyl20

My neighbours pay their tutors $30 per hours and someone else tutors in the neighbourhood, chemistry, and he charges $36 per hour, and he is very good. THis is one on one.

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