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ohhhh the waiting!

Guest supa76

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this being my second year applying, I am going a bit nuts this year waiting yet again for that small green graphic to appear on my application status page. It doesnt help that I'm currently finishing a 3 month internship that is keeping me idle all day at a computer. :| (and no one here to commiserate with -- thus the plea to an internet BB.)


Given I graduated quite a number of years ago, and now know medicine is the only thing I'm really interested in doing, its exhaustingly frustrating to have to wait to get started! I dread thinking about not getting accepted this year again, and having another year to find things to do. Having giving up my old career a couple of years ago to pursue medicine, I'm running out of things to do! (well, mostly running out of money to do things i'd like to do!)


I think if I'm not accepted this year, I will apply to paramedic school and fallback on that for however long it takes. Although I'm optimistic about getting in eventually, its hard dealing with the instablity of not knowing for sure -- having your life on hold for so many years. I try to think that well, doing things now that will benefit a medical career later or doing things that I might not have a chance to do later will help, but it really doesn't.


Is/was anyone in the same boat? (well, really who isn't!). how have you dealt with the uncertainty? I'm sure once you actually make it in, these times will be enviable, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about, and start really worrying about residency matching! the grass is always greener...

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


I was in the same boat as you, having applied to medical school a few times. I think it's best not to view life as being on hold until you receive a medical school acceptance. There are many other things to be fervent about and to live for. Relatedly, one of the best ways to pass time over the short and long terms is to keep up with the activities that you enjoy (short-term) and have a good plan B which excited you (long-term). It sounds as though you've got the latter covered, but perhaps you can now focus more on the former to help you through the next few months. :) Related to medical school activities, it is a good idea to start thinking about interviews, which it also sounds as though you've begun to do anyway. Overall, it's an itchy few months, and they too shall pass; but make sure you make the time count.




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Guest Jochi1543

Work? LOL.:P


Just start a decent career-track job after graduation, and take days off for interviews when you get them - it shouldn't look too suspicious. If you don't pass interviews - oh well, you still have the job for the next year, and then again if things don't work out repeatedly. Also, for the purposes of boosting your application for the next term, take on some academic project at school for a few credits, or volunteer.

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anyone else also feeling as restless as I do.... Don't know how I am going to make it until February.... Although I think they will get to us some times in January. Just did a 30 minutes run... The elevated endorphin was actually counter-effective... It will be a long time....




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