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Now that submission is over....

Guest Parii

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Hi everyone,


now that submission is over, how are you guys feeling about the waiting time to hear back from ubc???


It is such a long and tedious process! I wish all could happen on the same day: applying, interview, decision!!


Hope you all are happy and not stressed about the Nov 1st deadlines (Calgary etc...)


take care,



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From what I remember, I checked my online application status around the 3rd week of January. I believe they update that portion of the online system around the 2nd or 3rd week, but you will definitely have at least 1 month notice before your interview date to make travel arrangements if need be, and of course, prepare!

They also send out a reminder email to those who are granted interviews in case you forget to check online (don't know how you could), so don't get too worried with trying to remember dates.


Good luck!

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Guest TKP 123

Rejections/Invitations to Interview were sent around mid January last year whereas my interview was on Feb 27th.


I still remembered playing video games like hell after the interview that day :)

It was a sunny day as well.

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Guest adduction

My interview status was online by the 2nd week of January...(Jan 14th springs to mind for some reason...)


That was well over a month in advance of the interview. Mine was Sat, Feb 26...same day as my sister's birthday. Must've brought me some luck.

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