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Interim transcript and contacts for academic awards

Guest magz

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Hi! I was wondering if someone on here could help me...


On the application page of the UBC med website it says that applicants currently attending an institution only have to send one official transcript. However, it also says below that to submit one official interim transcript for any post-secondary institution you are currently attending. What is an official 'interim' transcript...and how does that differ from the one official transcript for the school you're currently attending?


Also, I saw that some other people included academic awards such as provincial scholarships, UBC entrance scholarships, Deans' list etc on their academic awards page....who did you guys use as contacts for those? I'd like to put them down (of course!) but I have no idea who I should list as a reference!


Thanks so much!!

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Guest Persistent



I'm not sure about the awards part, but as far as the transcripts go, if you are currently attending UBC, then send one transcript now. The interim part means that the transcript should include the names of the courses you are currently taking. You will not have marks for them yet, of course, but they want to see what you are taking. If you order one now it would include the courses you are currently enrolled in.


Hope that helps!

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