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Guest TKP 123



I was in the health science bookstore a few days ago to check out some books.


From the booklist, there appears to be a few books which are new. Since they are new, I just wonder if any people in second year has any thoughts about these books.


I understand that I can wait until I meet my buddy and ask him/her about that. I just want to some insight now so that I can plan how much to spend...


1. Anatomy:

Gray's anatomy (Drake, et. al) comes with the Atlas (Moses) at a special price. I realize that both books are relatively new.

From a review in the internet, Gray's anatomy has a high rating. How about the Atlas (Moses)? It seems to have good real pictures. Or should I buy the Atlas from Netter (a bit like cartoon drawing)?


2. Pharmacology:

The list recommends "Principles of pharmacology" from Golan, which is again a new book which has never been used at UBC. Which pharmacology books do you guys use? How are they?


3. Histology:

Although UBC does not recommend any books for histology this year, I heard that Wheaters is a good book. How about the Gartner book? I found a used copy of this book. How is this compared to Wheaters?


Sorry for the long messages.


Thanks a million times.



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Guest physiology



These are books that I found to be useful:


Anatomy - go for Gray's - Moores (both versions) aren't as good. I've never heard of the atlas. Some people liked the Rohen's colour atlas (it as colour photos of cadavers - very gruesome, but great to study from).


Pharmacology - the notes are good enough. If you really want a text, go for "Medical Pharmacology at a Glance." Borrow and photocopy from the library.


Histology - Wheaters is good, but the package of notes that the histology dept will give you are more than sufficient. Dr. Ovalle is also coming out with a new textbook, so one day you'll probably be using that text.

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