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Guest tainted agent

I'm in high school still but I have an Occupational Research project due in a week. One of my career choices that I have to look in-depth on is dermatology.


One of the categories I have to research about is Education. I have high school prerequisites for UVic and UBC, as well as prerequisites to get into IMP. My question is, is that where you get your GP? I am kind of confused about this, and what happens after you do the IMP undergrad program. Do you go onto specialty school next? I first assumed this, considering it would be 3 or 4 years of studying for prerequisites before transferring to IMP, which is another what, 4, 5 years? My friend's dad is a dermatologist and it took him roughly 12 years to finish Med and Specialty (which is 4 or 5 years, right?)


Also, is there a school in BC that specializes in dermatology? I wasn't able to find one on the internet, and if not, then what other options are there?


Thanks for your time.


EDIT: Okay so I've found out that there are specialty schools in dermatology, UBC and U of A being one of them...but when I go to their websites it doesn't give me any information on studies...and now I'm getting really stressed out and confused because I don't understand what any of it means...After IMP what happens? Only Undergrad MD? Then you have to do Post Grad? Then specialty? I'm confused.


Help please.

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hey tainted agent,


others will be able to explain in more detail but the general way to get to medicine and through it is...


1) do a university undergrad of your choice, obtain proper prerequisites to apply to UBC


2) get into UBC medical undergraduate program. with its distributed program, you can either head to VFMP, IMP, or NMP sites for your education (Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George, respectively).


3) Medical school is a 4 year program. It's an undergraduate program. At UBC you do 2 years of traditional lecture-style/PBL courses while slowly developing your communication skills. The 3rd and 4th year you start learning in the hospital/health care centre setting as a prelude for the more intensive residency that follows after undergraduate studies.


4) Regardless of what specialty or type of medical occupation you choose, you will enter residency after you graduate from undergrad. after getting matched by CARMS, you start your residency of (hopefully) your choice, which i believe is at least 2 years. Certain specialies range from anywhere from 2-6 years of residency, even longer. So for your dermatologist friend, he/she probably did the four year undergrad, followed by 8 years (aiyah!) of residency/fellowship programs.


Correct me if im wrong fellas. I still don't know all the ins and outs of the path of medicine, but thats my impression of it.

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