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Guest Jeokitty

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Guest Jeokitty

I find this area to be the most stressful when I think about applying to med school.


I'm currently in 3rd year, and plan on applying in my 4th.


In terms of extracurriculars, I'm seriously lacking, because I'm somewhat reserved when it comes to getting out there and getting involved. (Which is an issue that's being worked on.)


Ideally, I would love to attend NOSM. And I know how there's an emphasis (preference?) for those who have a real desire to work in a rural region.

Realistically speaking, if after 4th year, I go and volunteer/get involved in a hospital or clincal setting for a year up in, say, Thunder Bay (and, obviously, live up there), would that be enough to make up for otherwise fairly lacking extracurriculars?


This is assuming GPA meets necessary requirements and good references and all that.


An additional question: I know NOSM does not require the MCATs, but if I take the test, will they still recieve/look at the score and take it into consideration in acception/rejection?


Thanks for your time. :)

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