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before appyling to NOMS

Guest magicbullet57

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Guest magicbullet57



i know that NOMS prefers applicants from northern Ontario. although i once lived in a town near Sudbury when when i was a child about 10 years ago, i haven't been there ever since. do you think this is better than nothing so it is worthwhile to consider applying to NOMS? thanks.

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Guest NurseNathalie

If you are seriously considering attending NOSM for your medical education, then I think you should apply regardless of where you are residing... even if it seems that the majority of people accepted are presently living in Northern Ontario.


From what I understand, there is a 'point' system, based on several criteria- only one of which is 'presently living in Northern Ontario'. These include: Aboriginal ancestry or Francophone; having lived in rural or underserviced areas (need to state the communities/postal codes of all communities where you lived 2 yrs or more since birth); the size of the community in which your parents still live; and the community in which you now live. I was told by someone on the committee that these are taken into consideration, but only make up a fraction of the total 'points' to get you that interview. GPA is also very important, especially when combined with a strong ABS submission.


If you are able to 'sell' your knowledge and understanding of Northern/rural/underserviced areas (their specific needs, their strenghts, how to work with existing ressources etc..) AND state your desire to work in rural/remote communities, then I think you will have a strong application.


I'm sure you have checked out NOSM's website.. there is a list of selection 'criteria'.. make sure you discuss each point that relates to you... and I think THAT will help even more than presently living in Northern Ontario...


as you will see from the postings on this forum, there ARE some who got accepted that are not from here... and I think that every year, the applicant pool profile will be somewhat different...


as their mandate to "contribute to improving the health of the people and communities of Northern Ontario" dictates:

One method of fulfilling this mandate is to increase the number of medical students who choose to live and work in Northern Ontario after graduation.
... if you are planning on practicing in Northern Ontario, then make sure you tell them !


well.. thats just my suggestion of course.. I definitely think its worth applying :)



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Read this as my experience and do NOT let it keep you from applying next year.


Well i got my telephone follow up the other day. Found out some interesting things.


Let's face it! Being from Northern Ontario helps ALOT. I was told that about 4-5 students NOT from northern ontario this year (one might be 1st nation or francophone).


My GPA was higher than the average that GOT in. My interview was also very very good as i was told in my follow up. I needed some improvements with some components of my xcurricular...overal okay though.


Okay the break down was roughly .... 50% interview and 50% everything else. From the 50% (a third for gpa, a third for where you are from, third for extra curricular). If you are from Northern Ontario you get the highest marks in the location category, and then the rest of rural canada.


Now.... do northern ontario get 33% (full third) while others get 15%????? That i don't know. BUT. If it is like that....then location is very SIGNIFICANT. However, being above average by at least .25 gpa of the people getting in...i was not even waitlisted. Remember my interview was very good as well.


To compensate for the lack of points you get in location ..... You need to be significantly stronger applicant than the northern ontario students. Otherwise you stand no chance. The few people accepted (one which i have talked to) fall into this category. One had awesome Xtra currics.


I know that you should be positive. But i am telling you in honesty to apply next year if you are serious about med. I know that my message is not that encouraging.....but I think you should know that being from Northern Ontario was a HUGE advantage. Remeber this...and work hard to compensate in all the other sections. Also you don't know what the applicant pool is going to be like next year. All the best to you. If you want more info feel free to message me.........i have omitted some things. Peace

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Guest docormama

Definitely apply if you are interested. While context does count for about a third of your score, you still can impress the selections committee with your stellar GPA and the rest of your application. And if the other places where you lived were rural or remote, then that would probably help your context score. If you do apply, just make sure you keep positive because that will shine through on your application.

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