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What determines if you're interviewed?

Guest byjude

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Guest byjude

What criteria are used to decide who gets an interview? Is there a weighting formula, or are decisions made by a mixture of marks/MCAT and intangible personal factors?


What sort of GPA/average is competitive to get an interview as an OOP applicant?

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Guest Douje Dog

This is taken directly from the MUN website:


Q8. How does the Admissions Committee make their decision?


A. Entry is on the basis of competition for a limited number of places each year. The Admissions Committee attempts to evaluate the total application and uses the following components: academic record, MCAT, personal qualities, reference reports, and interview. Please refer to application evaluation for detailed information.



Q13. Is there an academic and MCAT cutoff for applying?


A. As the competition changes from year to year, there is no predetermined academic and MCAT cutoff for applying. However, applicants should be aware that a high overall academic average/GPA and high MCAT scores are essential to be considered.


Q14. What are the average MCAT scores and overall academic average/GPA of previous entering classes?


A. The average MCAT scores have been 9's on each section and O on the Writing Sample and the overall academic average/GPA has been about an 80% of previous entering classes.


Remember that because Memorial only takes a small number of out of province applicants, a high(er) GPA/MCAT/References/etc. are more necessary than for an in province applicant. Hope this helps!



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