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Guest clinicalchief

To the mods:


What is the situation on the incoming class buying textbooks of the first years? Are there certain ones which we won't get second-hand and will have to buy new?


I ask because I'd like to know which ones to look for once the first years are done and start selling any books!





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Guest stevetilley



Congrats on getting in - that's the hardest part!!


Everyone's got their own theory on books - some people buy all the required AND recommended books for EVERY course, while other buy none of the books unless they absolutely have to.


Also, at the en of the year, some people like to sell some of their books and others like to hold onto them.


If you ask around in the fall, I'm sure some of the 2nd/3rd/4th years will sell you some of their 1st year books.


In the meantime, I have some 1st year books I could sell you... if you're interested, send me an email (steve_tilley@yahoo.com).



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