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How's first year going?

Guest Ian Wong

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Guest Ian Wong



The MUN forum is a little slow at the moment, so I thought I'd take this chance to ask how the program is going.


What are you guys studying at the moment, and how are you finding the workload? When do you start working with patients? What are your classmates like?


Just curious. :)



UBC, Med 4

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Guest MUNMED2006

Hi Ian,

Sorry for taking a while to respond. I've been really busy lately. Our class is now on a four-day

midterm break so I have time to sit at the computer. During this first term we are studying:

anatomy(gross, histology, embryology) physiology, biochemistry, community health, clinical skills, and ethics/health law. The workload is quite heavy, but it's manageable. I work much harder than I did in undergrad. However, I'm sure most med students will agree with me; the subject matter is not hard to understand, it's the volume of work that is challenging.


We have already started working with standardized patients in our clinical skills classes. We are

basically working on our interviewing skills. We will soon start shadowing some of the family physicians

who teach our clinical skills classes. Next term, we will be travelling to different areas of rural Newfoundland,

PEI, and New Brunswick. We will work with a rural-based family physician for two weeks.


My classmates are great! Everyone works very well together. There are 59 students: 43 women and

16 men. 42 are from Newfoundland, 10 are from New Brunswick, 2 are from PEI, 1 is from Alberta and 4

are from the US.


Hope the information is helpful!

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Guest Guess whoz Bizzak

I heard your Monte Carlo night was a great success. Congratulations. Guess everyone is gearing up for final exams right now. Good luck.



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