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Opinions on MCAT prep courses

Guest jmjy

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Hi guys,


I just wanted everyone's opinion on what you think is the best prep course. I plan on writing the MCAT this summer and also would like to take a prep course. I live in Toronto. I value anyone's opinion.



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They are exactly the same - both the Princeton Review (TPR) and Kaplan give you everything you need to do well, and the REAL difference comes from how much work you put into it. If I were you, I'd pick the course that was (a) cheapest and (B) closest to home (or work or school or whatever).


There are certainly minor differences, but honestly, I really don't think they make a difference in the end.


One minor difference is that Kaplan has more resources, but you need to study at their centre to use them. TPR has less, but you get to take them home and keep them after the course ends. I have _never_ heard anybody say that they thought that the TPR course didn't give enough study materials, though.


Personally, I took TPR and thought it was very helpful. And pretty much everyone I know who took TPR/Kaplan was equally happy with their experiences.

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Guest ryguy

I had been out of university for 6 years and felt I needed the concentrated studying. I took the Kaplan course.


I also, before I had registered, bought the Kaplan book from Chapters for $100.


If you take Kaplan - they provide everthing that is in the huge Chapters type book - so don't buy both like I did.


I found the Kaplan course excellent for the 5 full length practice tests and the marking and skill evalutation they do for you - in addition to the learning resources they provide. They give you a summary of where you go wrong and your weaknesses. It turns out that what I saw as my strength - wasn't that strong...


I could have done without the classes they provide for the most part, but sometimes it helped clarify a hard topic for me. I didn't like that you had to use the resources right then and there, without the ability to sign it out - at least for a day.


After all that - I'd take it again if I was zipped back in time. It is expensive (around $900 i think) - but for the full length practices for me - very worth while.

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