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advice about MCAT after undergrad at UVIC?

Guest nursingstudentKyle

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Guest nursingstudentKyle

Hi everyone


I'm looking for guidance and advice. (aren't we all?) I'm currently in my first year of undergraduate , in the nursing program.

I will be at UVIC for my 3rd and 4th years of Nursing, however for now i am in the kootenays. I am worried because i will not be able to write the MCAT in my second or 3rd years because i will not be fully prepared.my full course load already prevents me from taking enough of the science courses to be ready in 2 or 3 years. however i intend to go to school in the summer months to speed things up a bit. and ideas about distance Ed?


i want to know your thoughts on writing the MCAT after say...a year of prep after undergrad. and if anyone knows other nursing students interested in medicine (who might be in a similar situation) i would be interested in talking to them.


more specifically those of you at UVIC, or who have gone to UVIC. what can i expect as a "pre-med minded" student there? and good tips or tricks?


i appreciate any advice or thoughts...positive or otherwise,


thanks :)

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Hey Kyle...


As I am sure you are finding out, nursing is a less then direct route into med because it doesn't allow you enough electives to fit med pre-reqs in around your core nursing courses. (Warning to everyone considering this route!) As for the MCAT, you should be okay to write it as long as you have done a basic course (ie OAC level in Ontario) in bio, chem and physics. Other more advanced courses like orgo and physiology will help you but are not keys to success. You do not really need really advanced knowledge to do well on the MCAT. The key is to get used to the test format, reasoning skills that are rewarded by it and the time limits. What you need most of all is to do as many practice tests as possible. I would think that a year is probably excessive to study for the MCAT...I think I studied for about three months (and only about the last two weeks of that was serious studying).


As for your other questions...I have no answers for you however, I believe one of the Ottawa moderators was a nursing student prior to meds and Ian did his undergrad at UVic...hopefully they will be able to help you out.


Good luck!

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Guest Ian Wong

As far as writing the MCAT, that will depend on when you are able to take the university courses that are tested on the MCAT: Physics, Biology, Biochem, Organic Chem, Inorganic Chem, etc.


I don't know how limited you will be in UVic Nursing as far as being able to take the above courses; my suspicion is that it will be quite difficult as the first-year Physics, first year Inorganic Chem, and second year Organic Chem all have lab components (kind of like an additional course that you have to take alongside the lecture course).


As a result, you may very well not have the time to take these courses while you are a nursing student (you need to check this out however, as I have no experience/knowledge of what your nursing school schedule looks like at UVic), and might not be able to take them until after you've finished your nursing degree. I do not recommend writing the MCAT without having taken the above courses, although I'm sure people have done so and still done well.


As far as what other courses to take at UVic, I think Phil 331 was a great course on biomedical ethics. For some other courses, well, actually, ALL the courses I took at UVic, you can check out: premed101.com


Best of luck!



UBC, Med 4

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