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Guest DHP62

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I've heard that people who wrote in April were able to get their scores early via the internet (costing $ of course)


Anyone know how long after the test date they were available on the internet?

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Guest Richardo Xavier

:eek Didn't know this existed! Kinda cheap that they charge people extra money to get their scores early... Takes 3 minutes to transfer the data to a SQL database :(


Nevertheless, it would be nice to know in advance. :)

Hope someone has some information on this.



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Guest Kirsteen

Hi guys,


I've heard that we should be able to receive our scores electronically by the beginning of October, as opposed to the norm: mid-October, if we pay. I'm not sure how much the AAMC charge for this premium service.


Last year we were able to retrieve our scores about a week ahead of the letter arrival date via the AMCAS application. That is, if you started an AMCAS application then your MCAT scores would be automatically pulled into the application once they became available. I'm not sure that this will be the case this year given the new surcharge for basically the same service.




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