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Guest ssup

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first off...i had great time meeting all of you that came to powerplant the other day! I'm definitely looking forward to this year...


I was just wondering: do med schools send out scholarship offers with their admission offers as well or do you find out about all scholarships once you accept a position in med school? (Basically what I'm asking is do some kids receive a letter saying "Not only did you get into our med school but we'll give you X amount of $...and others just a regular offer of admission?)


Also are there any awards we can apply for? where do we find out about these?




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Hey ssup

I had a great time meeting everyone, too! As for scholarships, I think a lot of them are just given to you, you don't have to apply. If you go to the department of medicine website there is a list of scholarships that are available to us, and a lot of them say that the faculty picks who gets the award. I read somewhere that with the increase in tuition they have created some bursaries (the number 45 sticks in my head, but now I can't find where I read this) and during orientation we could apply for the bursaries. They were valued between $500 and $2000 (I think).

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