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Average GPA's for US Schools

Guest brownthug

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Guest brownthug

hi there

earlier on someone posted a couple lists of us schools that accept canadian students (thanks for that sorry i dont remember who posted them)


anyways i went through most of em and tried to figure out their average acceptance GPA from the previous years' figures

so i thought id share them with you guys

heres what i got so far, if anyone can fill in the blanks please do so! thanks (these are mostly MEAN GPAs unless otherwise written):


boston u - 3.5

george washington – see brochure

georgetown - 3.6

u of chicago - 3.74

wake forest - 3.5

thomas jefferson - 3.5

penn state - 3.66

north western - 3.69

new york medical college – website problems

albert einstien - 3.64

nyu – not stated

wayne state - 3.54

rosalind franklin – not stated

Columbia – 3.79

Creighton – not stated

saint louis university – 3.61

winconsin/madison - 2.80 (min, not avg)

duke (research experience) – only 1 canadian accepted last year

Baylor College of Med. – 3.76

David Geffen School of Med. at UCLA – not stated

Emory U. School of Med. – 3.75

Johns Hopkins U. School of Med. – not stated (probably high)

Keck School of Med. USC – not stated

Michigan State U. – “consistent with national average of acceptance”

Mount Sinai School of Med. – not stated

Tulane U. School of Med. – 3.54 (new Orleans!)

U. Connecticut School of Med. – not stated

U. Penn. School of Med. – not stated (I don’t think they take Canadians unless you do a year of undergrad in the states)

Vanderbilt U. School of Med. – no min., intense competition

Weill Med. College of Cornell U. – 3.7 (science gpa)

Albany – not stated

UNC Chapel Hill School of Med. – not stated


and i have a request..


I calculated my GPA today using the OMSAS website

dissappointingly its cumulatively 3.43

i still have to do 4th year but i dont think that counts


last year i wrote the mcat (30S - 10 ps, 9 vr, 11 bs)

im writing them again in 10 days to hopefully do better


my request is for advice as to whether i should bother applying to canadian schools (3.43 gpa.. but i have very good extracurrics such as laboratory and clinical research, publications, and volunteer work, and otehr stuff)


do i have a chance of getting into canada?


second request is advice on american schools

with these stats, and a hopefully better mcat, of the above schools which do i have a good chance of getting into, based on you peoples personal experience (numbers only tell you so much!)


thanks so much people








Edited the subject to get rid of the all-capital letters. -Ian

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Numbers-wise, you might have a chance at some of the lower tier schools like Finch, NYMC, Boston U, etc. However, as you know this isn't all a numbers game. I was rejected at many of my "safety" schools with numbers well above their average accepted applicants.


You seem like a good candidate for osteopathic schools as well. You should look seriously at this route if you don't get in the first time around. For more info on osteopathic schools check my FAQ.

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Guest Sandman AK

Are all 4 years of undergrad looked at by most American schools? My first year was terrible. As a grad student, will there be less emphasis on my undergrad GPA? Just hope they put more weight on MCAT scores :)

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