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Guest Lekzus

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Guest Lekzus

In terms of the majority of american medical schools that accept Canadian's...do they prefer to have the course prerequisites completed prior to the application, or it is okay if some of the prereq's are completed during the application?


Or better yet, do they offer conditional acceptances like western where they accept you as long as you complete all the prereq's prior to attending?


And just a stupid question, (since I have no idea) when is the application deadline date for american schools?




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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


I believe that it varies between schools as to whether you must have all the pre-requisites completed prior to the application submission.


As to the AMCAS application, the 2005 version is available now, and here is the word on the submission deadlines directly from the AMCAS 2005 site:


When is the deadline for applications to be received by AMCAS?

There are only two sets of application deadline dates. The Early Decision Program (EDP) has a deadline of August 1, 2003 for all medical schools. The Regular Admissions Program deadlines vary from school to school. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m.Eastern Standard Time (EST) of the deadline date.




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