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Guest NorthernMed

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Guest wattyjl

it's been posted here before, but you can also see what boardwalk has to offer, they have at least 5-6 buildings in the NW of calgary.

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Guest UWOMED2005

There's TONS of housing in Calgary - lots of it is advertised 'on-site' - you can find places just by driving around.


I found I was able to negotiate many of the listed rent prices down.


My biggest problem moving to Calgary was deciding which place to take - too many options.

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Guest Lorae

I'll give my "plug" in for boardwalk...


Before med school, I swore I'd never live in a boardwalk building. I had heard bad things about how they're run, and that generally they're out for $$ and not much more.


I must say that I've had nothing but a positive experience with them - and my opinion has definitely changed. I guess the bad things I've heard are part-and-parcel of being such a *huge* management company.


So here's my pro's and con's list. It's pretty important to consider the boardwalk buildings as they usually have vacancies and are very close to the school.



-allow pets (cats and some dogs)

-10 minute walk and you don't have to pay for parking (a lot of my classmates either pay or end up parking close to where I live so they have the same walking distance)

-Tim Horton's on the way

-big building, professionally managed, well maintained, clean, upgraded (something to consider as a lot of the smaller buildings in the area are *not* updated - I looked at about 8 buildings last year)




-big buildings (I kinda feel like I live in a little box that's inside of a big box)

-pets... although I've never heard barking and there's a dog near me

-kids (above me there once was a party that sounded like about 300 screaming 6 year old girls)



I'll add to the list if I think of any more


There's 3 big boardwalk buildings near the med school:

Northwest pointe (mine), Patrician Village, and the tall highrise.


My rent is listed as $750 for a 1 bedroom, but I've gotten an incentive with my lease (which might be available for newcomers) that let's me pay $675.


You won't find much cheaper this close to the school... although there are some gems around here if you're lucky. If you're willing to live farther away, you can definitely pay less - but then you're either busing it or paying for parking

(but don't forget that bus passes are free 8 months of the year)


Al-in-all I'm happy. It's not perfect, but I'm close to the school and the building runs well. So I am resigning my lease :) just counting the days until I can buy something!!


Hope that's a little helpful. Feel free to message me if you have specific questions



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