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Congratulations - and don't lose hope!

Guest Nops

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Guest Nops

Congratulations in order for all those who received the acceptance email (a first for Queen's) and empathy for those on the waiting list.


Many of the 2008 class were in the same boat last year, myself included.


The waitlist moves as offers are returned with a yea or a nea, so the first moves form the list should happen early next week (jun 6-8).


If you still haven't heard anything by 1 July, it is my understanding the office will tell you then what position you hold on the list.


Last year, the waiting list was exhausted, meaning a waitlist was as good as an acceptance in the end. The numbers on the waitlist may have been increased to compensate this year, but your chances are good none-the-less.


What's another month of waiting when you've waited this long anyway?! ;)


:evil B

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